Yukimasa Ida

Posted on June 24, 2018

Yukimasa Ida is an artist that just demands their work to be noticed with a deafening roar of quality. Born in Tottori in 1990 and today living and working in Tokyo, he attended Tokyo University of the Arts in 2014. Since then Ida has been steadily building his name through many group and solo exhibitions in Japan and exhibited in art fairs across Asia including China, Taiwan and the Philippines, and along the way he has won loyal clients and expanded his experience.

This brilliant young artist is known for his provocative balance of realism and abstraction within the paintings. In his distinct aesthetic, Ida explores the nature of human existence and identity. His portraits appear like a sudden glance or flashing memory deftly crystalised into an eternal image.

One of Ida’s main drivers through his art is Ichi-go ichi-e , a Japanese cultural concept of treasured meetings with people or once-in-a-lifetime, never to happen again. Ida commented “At first, it was the death of an intimate family member. Then around the same time i lost a very close friend. I felt the emptiness that i could never meet them again, through the transience of the flow of time, I also felt that it was beautiful. i was in their life and they were in mine. This will also apply to the people i meet in the future, people that i met during my journey; I might not meet them ever again, but the memory that we had met is always inside me, and this is very important

In 2016 Ida won the Kohei NAWA prize (Jury Prize) given by the Contemporary Art Foundation (CAF) that is based in Tokyo, following on that year Matthew Larking, art correspondent for the Japan Times wrote about the CAF show and name checked Ida as one to watch for the future. In Sept 2016 Ida spent a two month residency in NY painting works for a solo show in Japan that opened the following Dec closing out a great year for Ida.

2017 saw Ida being the youngest ever artist to be selected to submit work for the LDF foundation annual auction in St Tropez, July 2017. After the auction Ida came straight to the UK and completed a 4 week residency deep in Savernake Forest, Wiltshire where he painted 25 new works for his debut international show entitled Bespoke that was shown in an upscale tailoring salon in London called Labassa Woolfe in Oct 2017. This show marked a different approach from the usual and all of the work was specifically painted for the inside of the tailor shop and its decor worked incredibly well and was beautiful and successful at the same time.

2018 sees Ida moving into an even bigger studio where he is painting commissioned works for both private clients and international museums alike and has also seen him be included on the Forbes Japan 30 under 30 list. Rounding off the year Ida held a sell out show at Asia Now Paris presented by Fabien Fryns.

In March 2019 Ida will debut in China at the Beijing Gallery weekend.



1990 Born in Tottori, Japan
2015 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Painting course

Solo Exhibition

2018 “Solo Show” Asia Now Paris presented by Fabien Fryns
2017 “Bespoke” in Labassa Woolfe London presented by Justin Cook Art
2016 “Star child” KEN NAKAHASHI/ Tokyo Japan
2016 “Solo Exhibition YUKIMASA IDA” List Sotheby’s/ Tokyo, Japan
2016 “The end of Today” GALLERY b. TOKYO/ Tokyo, Japan
2015 “The figure” GALLERY b. TOKO/ Tokyo, Japan
2013 “The face” GALLERY b. TOKYO/ Tokyo, Japan

Selected Group Exhibition
2017 “Star Tale” KEN NAKAHASHI
2017 “Art fair in NAUFU=ZAKA” NAUFU GENDAI/ Gifu, Japan
2016 “Selected Group Exhibition” HOTEL ANTEROOM KYOTO/ Kyoto, Japan
2016 Yukimasa IDA and Kouhei SAITO ”Tekito-na Doukutsu” MINNANO GALLERY/ Tokyo, Japan
2016 “CAF 2016 ART AWARDS” Presented by Contemporary Art Foundation/ 3331 Arts Chiyoda/ Tokyo, Japan
2016 “VOCA 2016” The Ueno Royal Museum/ Tokyo, Japan
2016 “LOIVE” matchbaco/ Tokyo, Japan
2016 “Art fair in NAUFU=ZAKA” NAUFU GENDAI/ Gifu, Japan
2015 “Arts in MARUNOUCHI from Tokyo University of the Arts” MARUNOUCHI building/ Tokyo, Japan
2014 “Painting dig” GENDAI Hights/ Tokyo, Japan
2014 “Selected Group Exhibition”Gallery b Tokyo“/ Tokyo, Japan
2014 “Future exhibition” Galerie Nichido/ Tokyo, Japan
2014 ”The far east” TURNER GALLERY/ Tokyo, Japan
2013 “Selected Group Exhibition” GALLERY b. TOKYO/ Tokyo, Japan

Art Fair
2017 Art Central Hong Kong/ Hong Kong
2017 Art Fair TOKYO 2017/ Tokyo, Japan
2017 ART FAIR PHILIPPINS 2017/ Republic of the Philippines
2017 Art Stage Singapore/ Singapore
2016 Art Taipei/ Taiwan
2016 ART KAOSIUNG/ Taiwan

2016 CAF prize, Kohei NAWA prize
2015 GAM prize from Tokyo University of the Arts in the Exhibition “Arts in MARUNOUCHI”
2014 Second prize from Garelie Nichido in the Exhibition “Future exhibition”
2014 ATAKA prize from Tokyo University of the Arts

Yusaku MAEZAWA collection
Leonardo DiCaprio collection
Oketa Collection
TOP Collection




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