Sara Issakharian

Posted on June 24, 2018

Born and raised in Iran, Sara Issakharian has witnessed her homeland being ravaged by many wars. Sara’s early memories include fleeing with her family during the Eight Year war with Iraq, living from shelter to shelter trying to escape the constant bombings. Sara loves to delve into Iran’s surviving rich cultural history, and has taken that inspiration forward into her art.

In 2009 she participated in the Iranian Green Movement, which to many became a symbol of unity and hope for a brighter future. Around this time Sara developed a particular interest in German expressions of art. The memory of the atrocities of WW II had galvanized many strong artistic works and in particular Sara remains very influenced by Joseph Beuys’ ideas about art and philosophy. Beuys famously explored how art may exercise a healing effect (on both the artist and the audience) when it takes up psychological, social, and/or political subjects. Sara comments: ‘so many painful social issues have affected my work. Art is my way not to fall foul of the truth. I seek somehow to find hope and a better future for my homeland.’

Sara likes to depict stories of people living their everyday lives, whether it be celebrating the good times or fearing the bad; to show light as well as darkness in all things, as they co-exist equally in life and therefore as represented in her art.

Sara’s use of colour and repeating motifs within her work gives it such a contemporary feel with raw energy pouring from the canvas. This latest body of work really reflects Sara’s blossoming self-confidence in both her figurative refinement and use of colour.

Sara now spends her time between Tehran, LA and Berlin and her work is included in private collections throughout Iran, Europe and the United States.

Sara will be holding her debut UK solo show at Justin Cook Art Nov 2018 entitled ‘Heaven or Hell’.




1982 Born in Tehran
2015 Graduated from New York Academy of Art (MFA)



2015 “Art Without Borders” Living Art/ UK
2016 “Summer Exhibition” NYAA
2016 “Small is Beautiful”  Flowers Gallery/ London, UK
2017 “In Between (Part 1)”  Mana Contemporary, NJ, USA
2017 “About Face” Southampton Arts Centre/ Hamptons, NY
2017 “Beyond the BanSusan Eley Fine ArtGallery/ NY, USA
2018 “By the Lights of their EyesShulamit Nazarian Gallery/ LA, USA

2015 First round award winner Art Olympia prize, Tokyo, Japan

2014 NYAA residence in Moscow
2017 Leipzig School of Art residence in Germany


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