Charting Procession

Alex Barkhouse

Posted on June 24, 2018

Alex Barkhouse graduated from CSM in 2017. Working primarily on site-specific installations, using a phenomenological approach to portray a subjective understanding of large physical processes. Alex uses a wide range of materials to create the abstract and two-dimensional teachings found in physics.

Alex comments, “As a race we are out of touch with the world we inhabit, intimately connected to the palaces and technologies we have created for ourselves, direct perceptional experience of the larger processes and forces which we undergo is difficult to perceive behind the mass of immediate sensorial interference. I grew up in a largely scientific, mechanised culture so this ultimately informs my direction towards the confluence of science and nature and the work I produce. Finding ourselves placed on the precipice of environmental disaster, and distanced from the larger systems which we influence, it will pay to give more attention to the larger systems at work.”

Alex will debut in the ‘Walking Blindly’ show Oct 2018 at Justin Cook Art. He will present “Charting Procession” as his contribution taking his inspiration from the photons of light that traverse millions of years from epochs of unimaginable antiquity, that then enter his cyclical glass lens, hitting chemicals on negative film plastic, preserved in the moment. He will present a print series entitled “Charting Procession”.

Gallery Owner Justin Cook commented , “Alex takes his inspiration from nature and the solar system and has a purposeful disconnect from the history of modern art and operates from a different place. It figures that the work that he produces now and in the future will evolve into big messaging works that will encourage people to think maybe in a different way”

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