Hawazin Al Otaibi

Posted on June 24, 2018

Hawazin Alotaibi’s work engages certain emotional ambiences. She experiments with motion glitch and distortions of her oil paintings, as a way to create an experience for the viewer, stating that the elements used in her work, such as sound and media, are to emphasize deeper on the emotional aspect, she experiences. In her recent work, she focuses on repetition in movement and its relation to the unconscious mind. She also addresses psychological disorders such as dissociative disorder and the absence of selective memory. Her aim is to create work that isolates the viewer and produces a space that connects their internal and external worlds together.

The artist’s interest in using media with her paintings, such as moving paint digitally in a repetitive motion, moving figures in landscapes in a water-like motion, and projecting a moving object onto her painting, is inspired by experimental music and sound art. In her research, Alotaibi examines the role of music and live shows in visual art. She explains that music, specifically electro and experimental synthetic music, helps connecting her closer to her unconscious, and she uses music as a source in creating her work visually and conceptually. Music motivates her to experiment with new ways to present a work that aims to engage the viewer into an unfamiliar space–a space in which they are more aware of their unconscious.

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